Monday, April 26, 2010

Play My Sporcle Quizzes!

If you haven't yet experienced the wonder that is Sporcle, I urge you to do so right now.  Sporcle allows users to build their own quizzes, allowing others to take them and test their knowledge on just about anything.  Think you can name the countries of the world?  Try it.  Want to try and name all of Shakespeare's plays?  Give it a shot.  Or maybe you'd just like to name the different flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans.  From the academic to the inane, it's all here.
By the way, don't blame me if you lose weeks -- perhaps months -- of your life to the wily temptress called Sporcle.  The word "timesuck" does not even begin to describe it.

As you might imagine, this offers no end of amusement for the baseball fan.  So I've listed below the quizzes I have created on Sporcle.  Have fun!

  • Name the 1960 Opening Day Lineups:  AL or NL
  • Name the 1968 Opening Day Lineups:  AL or NL
  • Name the 1986 Opening Day Lineups:  AL
  • Name the AL ERA Leaders By Season:  1960 - 1979 or 1980 - 2009
  • Name the NL ERA Leaders by Season:  1980 - 2009
  • Name Every Atlanta Braves All-Star:  (link)
  • Name the MLB Teams in Order of Winning Percentage:  1990s or 2000s
  • Name the MLB OPS+ Leaders by Team: (link)
  • Name the MLB OBP Leaders by Team:  (link)
  • Name each Braves hitter with at least one season of 25 HR or more:  (link)
  • Name each Braves pitcher with at least one season of 150 K or more:  (link)
  • Name each Phillies hitter with at least one season of 25 HR or more:  (link)
  • Name the starting pitchers for each World Series Game 7:  (link)
  • The Ultimate Baseball Nickname Quiz:  (link)
  • Name the best acting performances of the 2000s (in my opinion):  (link)
  • Name these notable film comedy teams:  (link)
  • Name the tracks from the first five Johnny Cash albums on American Records:  (link)
  • Name all of the Laurel & Hardy films:  (link)
  • Name the classic country song with these opening lyrics:  (link)
  • Name the winners of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama:  1975-2009
  • Who was king/queen of England when the following events took place:  (link)
Happy hunting.

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