Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ode to a Grecian Computer (or a Dell, whichever)

My computer may be dead.
Well, the computer itself is OK; but Windows is screwed and the computer guy says he should be able to save most of the documents, etc. But Windows itself is probably toast along with the programs and applications.
Luckily, (and let's take a BIG breath there) I've backed up most of my documents. I say MOST with some regret, as I haven't backed them up in a month or so. But my biggest concern is the 100 or so files of baseball stat work that I've done, and those are mostly safe.
The biggest problem is the applications; it never really occurred to me to back up applications. With most of my software, I still have the CD to reinstall it, but some of it (including my favorite baseball sims) I downloaded online and didn't ever think to back up.
I guess everyone has a sad computer crash story to tell; it's just my luck (or such) that it hasn't happened to me yet. And there's still some hope that my good ol' Dell can be salvaged.
I say this as an excuse; it's October, which is usually my prime blog-writin' time, and I haven't been able to talk about anything yet. I'm typing this on my Mom's computer (which is funny in a Buzz Bissinger sort of way; I'm not writing in my parents' basement, but I am writing on my parents' computer) so my blog won't be as complete, mainly because I'm a creature of habit when it comes to keyboards.

Dodgers sweep Cubs
I predicted the Cubs would win this one in 4. There was about a gallon or so of wishful thinking there, but also the thinking that while the Dodgers have a better pitching staff, the Cubs have a good one, too, and an infinitely better offense.
But in October, it just doesn't work out like that. The Dodgers won, and that's that. I'm very disappointed (and my father, a true Cub fan, is in mourning). The only thing I can say to make it sound better is that the Cubs really have a good team. When we say "Wait 'til next year" these days, it means a lot more than it used to.

Phillies lead Brewers 2-1
I had the Phillies winning this one in 5. With their surprising defeat of C.C. Sabathia (and what a game that was), they may well do it in 4. With Jamie Moyer struggling and Dave Bush outperforming his best-case scenario, the Brewers have a reprieve. But I said last night that the odds of Dave Bush and Jeff Suppan both beating the Phillies are pretty unfavorable. I see the Phillies nailing this one down.

Red Sox lead Angels 2-0
I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if this ends in a sweep. But the Angels are going home, and there are questions still surrounding Josh Beckett, the Sox' Game 3 starter. And it's October, so who knows. I had the Red Sox winning this one in 4 going in, and I think I'll stick with that.

And please refer back to my entry on the Angels to see why I'm not at all surprised that they're not invincible.

Rays lead White Sox 2-0
I expected this to be more evenly balanced than it has been. I predicted the Rays in 5 going in, but now that seems generous. Yesterday, Rob Neyer gave the White Sox the best chance of anyone to come back from 2-0, and I guess he was right, especially since they're the ones going home. The Sox are a good team and this series is evenly matched, so I wouldn't be shocked by a surge. But at this point, a comeback seems out of the question. As crazy as it sounds, the Tampa Bay Rays are going to the ALCS.
Which, by th way, should make the Rangers feel terrible. Because if the Rays win the ALDS, every team in baseball will have won a postseason series . . . except the Rangers, who have failed to do so in 47 years.

I'll be back with all of my varied postseason wrap-ups and more updates from the playoffs soon. And maybe I'll be back with a computer, or at least the charred remains of one.

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