Friday, January 26, 2007

Extra Innings on DirecTV

Details have come out recently concerning Major League Baseball's new deal with DirecTV. MLB was in negotiations with the satellite provider concerning its Extra Innings package, and reports have recently emerged that the MLB has agreed to give DirecTV exclusive rights to Extra Innings beginning next season.
There has been a gigantic outcry against this move. It would seriously limit the availability of league-wide games to those who are unable to switch to DirecTV or simply unwilling to pay for it. Due to MLB's draconian system of blackouts, many people will be forced to choose between watching their local games (some only available on cable) or watching all the rest (only available on DirecTV). Few people can afford to buy both. is an option, but it's not as satisfying; nobody has that much confidence in their internet connection, nor do they want to watch a super-grainy video on their tiny computer screen.
There's really no other reason for this deal other than money. The MLB will be getting a tidy sum from DirecTV, but at the cost of seriously pissing off their fanbase. And the MLB, unlike the NFL, isn't really in any position to place limits on the availability of its product. And, of course, it's never a good idea to piss off your strongest fanbase for a chunk of change.
The links above do a more eloquent job of expressing the anger and discontent surrounding this decision. One can only hope that the backlash will get so severe that the MLB will pull out of the deal. But that's wishful thinking; no one really expects the MLB to turn down a check.

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