Sunday, October 09, 2005

Quickly to the NLCS

Just to recap what proved to be a disappointing if completely expected NLDS loss by the Padres. I was, it seems, too generous to give them even one win. I thought St. Louis was a bit overrated and that Jake Peavy & Co. could steal one somewhere. I still think St. Louis is slightly overrated, but San Diego still got the broom.
And my prediction about Woody Williams came true. He is a "warrior," according to Joe Morgan, and that's why they started him in the must-win Game 3. Just when I was ready to get the "I am the Warrior" t-shirts printed (with Williams' face), he's already out of the game, pitching less than 2 innings. Now I'll just put Joe Morgan's face on the t-shirts as a symbol of his absurd use of logic. Whaddaya know! Williams isn't so hot after all ...
Houston has the easy advantage over Atlanta. Although tomorrow's John Thomson .vs. Brandon Backe matchup is good news ... for the offense. It'll be ugly, and I have the sneaking suspicion that Houston will win it. Once again, the Braves let a possible win dribble away at the hands of the bullpen. (But no thanks to Jorge Sosa, either). Although it's certainly possible that the Braves will sneak out a win tomorrow, just to lose in Game 5, as has become their habit recently.
So I'm guessing a Cardinals-Astros rematch in the NLCS. Neither team is as good as it was last year, and despite Houston's killer rotation, I think I'd have to give St. Louis the edge. 6 games or 7?

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